Playing Virtual Families 2 and Getting Unlimited Coins

Virtual Families 2 has been popular due to one reason: it defies gaming and can border on real life. How? There are many details and innuendos in game that you couldn’t possibly find in other games. The game looks simple enough and true to its first look, it is indeed easy to grab and play right away. However, the deep strategy that involves behind the game rears its head soon enough to ensure players many hours of fun playing the game.

The game starts off innocently enough with a single character. You are placed in a house with very little furniture and decoration. It’s pretty much open world from this point on. The standard process at this point is for you to find someone to marry in game. This sounds intimidating at first but with the help of matchmaking service in the game, you will be married off in no time. As the name implies, the game is all about creating that nuclear family that you’ve always fantasized about.

Obviously you can create new babies with the person you just married. This is where the game seems a bit too old-fashioned. It has a very specific gender role and it is up to the female character to do much of the dirty work. Keep in mind that there are so many things to keep track of to keep your baby and family in good and healthy conditions.

You also need to pick a career because that’s how you bring home the bacon. There are many careers to choose from and the amount of money (or coins, in game) you can earn is dependent on your specialty and level of the job. The harder and longer you work at a job, the more money you can make and advance in your career! The best way we found to get lots of money fast is by using the Virtual Families 2 cheats for money, which was tipped off by our reader. There is a chance that the tool may or may not work, but last time we tried, we were able to generate up to 5,000,000 coins in one round.

The big pro of this game is that you can kind of play it on for long periods of time. Because you can continue your family through generations, you almost have play the game infinitely. With the primary purpose of the game being to keeping the family going, you almost certainly will be playing this game for at least a few generations to see how your family tree develops over the generations.

As mentioned, there are many micro-tasks you have to do that will keep you busy and occupied. There are many ways that can harm your family and one is by running out of food. It costs money and attention to stock your family’s fridge with healthy and nutritious food. Also, there pest infestation and disease that can plague your little family in Virtual Families 2. It is a simple game but complex one when it comes to all the details you need to keep track of and be on top of.

Currently I’m on my 10th generation of the gamily. If I can give one tip to the prospective players, it is to work hard on your career and keep your family fed. Teach your children good behavior and furnish the house well to keep everyone happy. You surely won’t figure everything out in one generation, let alone five.

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